The Gaylord Apartments
3355 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 389-4161


Built in 1924 by J.B. Lilly and P.B. Fletcher, the Gaylord, like Wilshire Boulevard, was named after famous real estate mogul and outspoken socialist, Henry Gaylord Wilshire. The thirteen-story, Italian Renaissance building stood directly across from the famed Ambassador Hotel and Cocoanut Grove, where Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1968. To the direct west of the Gaylord was the popular Brown Derby, an iconic Los Angeles restaurant known for its hat-shaped structure.

By the time the Gaylord celebrated its 2nd anniversary, the city was reveling in the Golden Age of Hollywood, and Wilshire Boulevard was a bustling avenue filled with historical icons. Initially a hotel before it was converted into an apartment building, The Gaylord attracted many high profile visitors from  stage, screen and politics alike. Among many influential guests, John Barrymore lived there in the ‘40’s and Richard Nixon was said to have kept an apartment on the 6th floor before he was President.

Attached to the Gaylord is the HMS Bounty, which is rumored to have hosted Winston Churchill for dinner, and is now a favorite local watering hole. Residents enjoy not just the convenience of the Bounty, but also the gracious modern living that comes with an architectural treasure like The Gaylord.

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